The strategy at a glance

Through its Capvis I, II, III and Capvis IV funds, Capvis invests a total of some EUR 1.9bn in well-positioned midsize firms headquartered in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.  These investments are typically succession solutions, corporate spin-offs, shareholder buyouts or the provision of expansion capital. As a general rule, Capvis invests in companies with a turnover between EUR 50 and 500m, and prefers to acquire a majority stake. Turnarounds and Venture Capital are not part of the Capvis investment strategy. Capvis invests between EUR 20-100m of equity per company.


The value created by Capvis investments are primarly  driven  by an increase of sales and profitability, an adjusted strategic positioning as well as an amended financing structure.


Capvis usually invests for a period of 4-6 years. Working with the management and possibly further shareholders, Capvis then prepares the transition into a new, sustainable, shareholder structure. This is frequently achieved by going public or by selling the stake to a strategic partner. The sustainable success of the company is always an essential condition.


The aim of the Capvis funds is to achieve an added value for the investors on their capital. Therefore, Capvis makes substantial investments in firms, and develops them together with the management. Capvis Equity Partners AG, the exclusive advisor of the Capvis Funds, is responsible for identifying companies and to drive the value creation process.


The Capvis funds invest with a diversified focus in German speaking Europe. An analysis of the investments of the Capvis funds since 1995 points this fact out.  

Capvis participation

Source: Capvis I, Capvis II and Capvis III Funds