Equity Solutions

A company needs new capital at various stages during its lifecycle, whether it is undergoing a change of ownership or simply developing organically. That's where private equity firms come in: acting as investors, they have been supplying equity financing to companies in situations like these since the 1980s. The financing they provide can be of many different types: startup, growth, acquisition, turnaround, and change of ownership.

Private equity is a highly personal business. On the one hand, opening a company up to new investors is an emotionally charged issue. On the other, choosing the right outside partner can make a big difference to the company's future success. Partnerships are always shaped by the people involved. Investing in a company is not only about money, but also about commiting ourselves, be it in terms of specialist knowledge, experience or personal ethics.

Capvis focuses primarily on change of ownership financing, and very selectively in growth and acquisition financing.