Business philosophy

Our core purpose
We aim to identify strategic values in leading companies, to take substantial equity stakes,  to support management move the company to a new level of excellence and to thereby achieve an excellent return on the capital employed. 
Our contribution to our portfolio companies 
Active directorial or advisory involvement

Thanks to our professional expertise, our experience in playing an active directorial or advisory role in various midsize companies and long-standing contacts with prominent entrepreneurs and proven management teams, we are in a good position to make prudent appraisals of strategic issues and assume our decisions with responsibility.


Financial flexibility
The Capvis Funds currently total over EUR 1.3 bn and form a solid capital base for carrying out transactions for midsize companies and helping them pursue further growth be it organically or via strategic acquisitions.


Experience with midsize companies
In our more than 20 years of operations, we have acquired first-hand knowledge of many companies in widely differing industries and markets. We therefore have a wealth of industry-specific know-how plus a good overall understanding of the issues facing midsize companies.

Entrepreneurial flair and a sense of fair play
We encourage and support committed entrepreneurialism; we work closely with our investment partners to achieve the ambitious goals we have jointly agreed. We do not make short-term investments. Fairness and respect are two of our guiding principles. 

Our approach


Releasing entrepreneurial potential  
Together with the management teams at the companies we invest in, we aim to release new entrepreneurial potential. Capvis will always encourage dynamic entrepreneurialism focused on achieving ambitious targets. 
Corporate governance
By structuring a professional Board of Directors including external experts, we can support the management team to meet its targets. We attach great importance to ensuring an effective corporate governance structure and a value-oriented reporting/controlling system. 
Focus and clarity
We play an active role in jointly preparing a focused strategy, developing core corporate competencies, and in implementing it on a consistent basis. Ensuring an efficient financial structure and the strategically logical execution of acquisitions and divestments are also prime concerns. 
Providing sustainable solutions 
As a financial investor, we have a 4-6 year investment horizon. A well-coordinated transition to a long-term shareholder structure is essential.